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Chikyu-no-arukikata, Crossbeat,

ELLE Japan, ELLE Girl Japan, Figue, Gina, GISELe, Glamorous, Honey, Jane, Jille, JJ, JPy, Maisha, Nylon Japan, Ollie, Safari, Tarzan, Vogue Japan etc...


Alexia Stam, Asahi Beer, Athena Cosmetics, Avex, Caitac (Kato Brand),

Eighten, Galaxxy, Hills Avenue, Luv Nails, Kadokawa, LAfine, LeNoir, Oakley, Oceanica, OZOC, Planet Blue, Priv.Spoons Club, Urbanretreat, Utila Cosmetics,

Toho Towa, Toto, Toxxy, Yahoo Japan, WARNER BROS,

Walt Disney Film Japan, Wicoba etc...

She was born in Japan where she worked as a manager at a talent agency for TV personalities, actress and musicians. In 1997 she moved to Los Angeles to study music business at UCLA. She always had a passion for Photography though and kept taking pictures. One day one a British photographer and an American designer saw her photos and were so impressed that they recommended her to pursue photography. She took a couple of class in photography and got a chance to become first assistant for still life photographer Mike Lorrig. Mica's photography and view of the world are capture of moments in an ordinary day that get easily over looked.




もともと写真を撮る事に興味があった彼女が、ある日イギリス人の写真家とアメリカ人のデザイナーに出逢い「君は写真の才能があるんだから自分を信じて挑戦しないともったいない」と言われた事を 機に真剣に写真を学びはじめ、その後、マイク ロリッグというドイツ人の写真家の下アシスタントを経験。


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